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View Moroccan Chicken (for HMR)  yields 12 HMRS  Sam
(private) Moroccan Chickpea Chili  Check final amount. I think close to 3 gal.   Katy
View Moroccan Couscous(hmr)  yields 24 HMRs  Sam
View Mushroom & Barley Soup  10Gals  Sam
(private) Mushroom, Pepper, Onion Mix  For Mushroom Cheese Steak  Katy
(private) Niku Beef  Makes around 8 servings of beef for salad  Katy
View North West Salad  yields 18 salads  Sam
View Northwest Salad  1x yields 8 salads  Sam
(private) Orange Vinaigrette  Makes 1.5 cups at base level  Katy
(private) Orecchitte w/ Sausage, Kale, and Cannellini Beans  Yield will need to be checked.  Brendan Arntz
View Oven Roasted tomatoes    Sam
View Oven Roasted Yellow Onions  yields 10 sandwiches  Sam
(private) Parsley Salsa Verde  Base makes about 1 cup  Katy
(private) Pasta Salad Base  Makes 2 quarts / 8 Side Salads  Katy
(private) Pickled Carrots / Daikon  Makes about 1 quart of usable product   Katy
View pico de gallo  yields 2 gal  Sam
View Pineapple Banana Bliss  yields 30 Smoothies  Sam
View Poached Shrimp  Yields enough for 16 Louie Salads  Sam
(private) Potato Leek Soup  Makes 10 gallons  Katy
(private) Ras El Hanout Dressing  1.25 Cups per kit  Katy

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