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(private) 680 Steak Sauce  Makes about 2 cups  Katy
(private) Balsamic Vinegar Reduction  Makes about 4 fluid ounces  Katy
(private) Basil Aioli  Makes 1 quart  Katy
(private) Basil Pesto for Sandwiches  Makes on large squeeze bottle  Katy
(private) Beef and Barley Soup  Makes 3 Gallons  Mike
(private) Beef Minestrone Soup  We think this makes about 3 gallons. Please confirm  Katy
(private) Beef Soulvaki Kebabs  2 skewers per serving. Use 6" skewer as container measures 7"  Katy
View Beef Soulvaki Marinade    Katy
View Beef Stew  Please confirm how much this makes. I think we will be around 1 gallon at base.   Katy
(private) Black Beans and Rice Salad  Makes just under 3 gallons  Katy
View Blackened Tilapia.  This recipe is currently to use excess inventory of tilapia, adjust/increase accordingly.  Jon Applegate
(private) Bleu Cheese Spread  Makes about 2 quarts / 16 sandwiches  Katy
(private) Broccoli Cheddar Soup  Makes about 1 gallon  Katy
View Buttermilk Ranch Dressing  Makes 1 gallon  Katy
(private) Caesar Dressing  Makes about 2.5 quarts  Katy
(private) Cafe Croutons  Makes about 6 cups  Katy
View Cafe Mac n Cheese  Need to see how much this actually makes and edit recipe. A blend of sharp cheeses is ok if gruyere is not available. Mild cheese will significantly alter flavor. Preheat oven to 375.  Jon Applegate
(private) Chicken Fajita Marinade/Sauce  Marinade, but we will primarily use to toss with sliced, grilled chicken. Makes about 2 cups.  Jon Applegate
(private) Chicken Noodle Soup  Makes 1.5 gallons  Katy
(private) Chicken Salad  Makes a little more than a quart - around 8 sandwiches  Katy

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