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View Zorba The Bowl Kit  Yields 16   Sam
(private) Zara Udon Salad    Katy
(private) Winter Caponata  Makes 1 quart  Katy
(private) White Balsamic Vinaigrette   1 gallon  Sam
View Walnut Aioli  Makes about 2 quarts  Katy
View Vegetarian Minestrone  8 Gal  Sam
View Vegetarian Gravy  Biscuits  Sam
(private) Vegetable Quinoa Salad  Check the walk-in for the vinaigrette before making a batch.  Katy
(private) Tzatziki  Makes about 3 quarts  Sam
(private) Tuna Salad  Please record how much it made  Katy
(private) Tomato Sauce  Confirm: Makes about 1-1.5 quarts  Katy
(private) Tomato Jam  Makes about 1 quart. If doing more than this, do multiple batches.  Katy
(private) Thousand Island Dressing  Makes about 2 quarts  Sam
View Thai Salad Kit 2.O  Yields 16 Salads  Sam
(private) Thai Salad Kit  Makes 1 kit (16 servings)  Katy
(private) Thai Beef or Tofu Marinade  For about 10 pounds of beef  Katy
View Teriyaki Sauce   1.5 gal  Luis
View Teriyaki Chicken  HMR  Sam
(private) Tarragon Butter  Makes about a quart (1.5 pounds)  Katy
(private) Tamarind-Carrot Slaw  Recipe makes about 1 quart final product. We send as a kit.  Katy

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