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(private) Tabouleh  Confirm, times 4 batch to make 1 kit.  Sam
View Sweet tarragon viniagrette  yields 1 quart  Sam
(private) Sweet Rice Vinaigrette  Makes about 2 quarts  Katy
View Sweet BBQ Sauce  Yields 1 gal  Sam
View Sweet Apple Viniagrette  Serving size is measured by kit  Sam
View Ssamjang  yield 1 cup  Sam
(private) Sriracha Aioli or Mayo  Makes about 1.5 quarts for base  Katy
(private) Split Green Pea Soup  Makes about 5 gallons - please confirm  Sam
View Spicy Sunflower Seeds  yields 16 bowls  Sam
View Spicy Pickled Red Onions  Check Yield  Sam
View Spicy Lime Peanuts  Yields 16 Bowls  Sam
View Spanish Rice  8-12 servings 
(private) Southwest Salad Base  Makes 16 entree salads  Katy
(private) Southwest Fried Chicken  Makes enough for 8 entree salads at base  Katy
(private) Southwest Black Bean Cakes  I believe this will make about 20 patties of around 3-3.5 oz. Each HMR gets 2 patties.  Katy
(private) Soba Noodle Salad Dressing  Makes about 2 quarts. Reserve 3 cups to marinate Tofu.  Sam
(private) Soba Noodle Salad  Makes about 16 servings.   Katy
View Shroomami Bowl  Yields 16 Bowls  Sam
View Shrimp Louie Salad bowl Kit  Yields 16 Bowls  Sam
(private) Shoyu Dressing  Makes about 1 quart. Please confirm  Katy

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