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(private) Buttermilk Ranch Dressing  Makes 1 gallon  Katy
(private) Bulgogi Beef Marinade  Makes about 1 cup of marinade  Sam
View Broccoli-Cashew-Bacon Salad  Serving size is by kit  Sam
(private) Broccoli Cheddar Soup  Makes about 1 gallon  Katy
View Breakfast Potatoes  yields 4.75 pound cooked  Sam
View Breakfast Hash Mix Vegetarian  yields 10 portions  Sam
View Breakfast Burrito Mix Vegetarian  Yields 12 Burritos  Sam
View Breakfast Burrito Mix Chorizo  Yields 20 each  Sam
(private) Bleu Cheese Spread  Makes about 2 quarts / 16 sandwiches  Katy
(private) Blackened Tilapia    Katy
(private) Black Kale - Shiitake Slaw  Base makes about 2 gallons  Sam
View Black Beans Seasoned  yields 6 qts  Sam
(private) Black Beans and Rice Salad  Makes just under 3 gallons  Katy
View Black Bean Spread  for Tortas  Sam
View Bibimbop Sauce  .5 Cups  Sam
(private) Beef Stew  Please confirm how much this makes. I think we will be around 15 gallon at base.   Sam
(private) Beef Soulvaki Marinade    Katy
(private) Beef Soulvaki Kebabs  2 skewers per serving. Use 6" skewer as container measures 7"  Sam
(private) Beef Minestrone Soup  We think this makes about 15 gallons. Please confirm  Sam
(private) Beef Chili Spice Mix  Makes just under 2.5 Cups of mix at base.   Katy

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