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View Golden Beet Salad  kit for 8-10 side salads  Sam
View Gochujung(Red Korean Chile Paste)  3 cups  Sam
(private) Ginger Lime Tamari Marinade  This marinade is primarily intended for tofu Bahn Mi.One serving is approx. 1 quart.   Katy
(private) Garlic Dressing  makes 1.5 quarts  Katy
(private) French Potato Salad  Makes about 2 gallons - please confirm  Katy
View French Mustard Viniagrette  Yield 1 quart  Sam
View Flank Steak Rubbed(Steak Sandwich)  makes 10   Sam
View Fiesta Black Beans(taco bar)  yield 1.5 gal  Sam
(private) FAST PHO BROTH, SEMI-SCRATCH  Can use any instant stock as base depending on needs. Base recipe makes 1 gallon  Katy
(private) Farro Kale with Cucumber  Makes about 2 quarts  Sam
View Elote Bowl Kit  Yield 16 bowls  Sam
(private) Edamame & Snap Pea  Makes 4 salads   Sam
View Dirty Rice  yield 8 lbs or 16 kits   Sam
(private) Dijonnaise  Makes about 1 quart  Sam
(private) Deviled Egg Salad  Makes about 2 quarts  Katy
(private) Curried Chicken Salad  How much does it make? We think around 3 quarts. See questions in the recipe.  Katy
View Crema  yields 3 cups  Sam
View Creamy Pesto Pasta Salad  Yield 1 kit ( 8 salads)  Sam
View Creamy Pesto Dressing  Yield for 2 Side Salad kits(16)  Sam
View Cream of Chicken Soup  Yield 12 Gal  Sam

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