Actions Name Comments User
View Poached Shrimp  Yields enough for 16 Louie Salads  Sam
View Pineapple Banana Bliss  yields 30 Smoothies  Sam
View pico de gallo  yields 2 gal  Sam
(private) Pickled Carrots / Daikon  Makes about 1 quart of usable product   Katy
(private) Pasta Salad Base  Makes 2 quarts / 8 Side Salads  Katy
(private) Parsley Salsa Verde  Base makes about 1 cup  Katy
View Oven Roasted Yellow Onions  yields 10 sandwiches  Sam
View Oven Roasted tomatoes    Sam
(private) Orecchitte w/ Sausage, Kale, and Cannellini Beans  Yield will need to be checked.  Brendan Arntz
(private) Orange Vinaigrette  Makes 1.5 cups at base level  Katy
View Northwest Salad  1x yields 8 salads  Sam
View North West Salad  yields 18 salads  Sam
(private) Niku Beef  Makes around 8 servings of beef for salad  Katy
(private) Mushroom, Pepper, Onion Mix  For Mushroom Cheese Steak  Katy
View Mushroom & Barley Soup  10Gals  Sam
View Moroccan Couscous(hmr)  yields 24 HMRs  Sam
(private) Moroccan Chickpea Chili  Check final amount. I think close to 3 gal.   Sam
View Moroccan Chicken (for HMR)  yields 12 HMRS  Sam
(private) Mojo Pork (for Cubanos)  Based on 3.5 pound bork shoulder  Katy
View Miso Ginger Sesame Dressing  Yields 1 Gal ideal for full week of Shroomami Bowls  Sam

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