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(private) Hulk Blood Juice / Smoothie    Sam
(private) Horseradish Spread / Aioli  Makes a little more than 2 quarts  Katy
View Honey Sesame Soy Dressing  Check Yield  Sam
View Holly's Hummus  3 Quart  Sam
View Herbed Buttermilk Dressing  Yield 1 gal  Sam
View Herbed Apple Cider Marinade  For chicken for Harvest Salad  Sam
View Hearty Italian Chicken Soup  Yields 12 gal  Sam
View Hash Veggies  Yield for 20 hashes  Sam
(private) Guacamole  Makes about 4 qt.  Sam
(private) Green Garbanzo Hummus  Makes 1 pint  Katy
(private) Green Apple Cole Slaw    Sam
(private) Greek-Marinated Chicken  Make extra for Tofu. Makes 2 cups of marinate and requires, for best results, 2 days of marinating. Lemonade Cookbook pg. 90 (reference)  Mike
(private) Greek Butternut Squash & Grape  Makes 4 Cups. Need to know how to send for cafe.  Katy
View Gochujung(Red Korean Chile Paste)  3 cups  Sam
(private) Ginger Lime Tamari Marinade  This marinade is primarily intended for tofu Bahn Mi.One serving is approx. 1 quart.   Katy
(private) Garlic Dressing  makes 1.5 quarts  Katy
(private) French Potato Salad  Makes about 2 gallons - please confirm  Katy
View French Mustard Viniagrette  Yield 1 quart  Sam
View Flank Steak Rubbed(Steak Sandwich)  makes 10   Sam
View Fiesta Black Beans(taco bar)  yield 1.5 gal  Sam

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