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View Dirty Rice  yield 16#  Sam
(private) Orecchitte w/ Sausage, Kale, and Cannellini Beans  Yield will need to be checked.  Brendan Arntz
View Sweet BBQ Sauce  Yields 1 gal  Sam
View Corn Salsa  yields 1 gal  Sam
(private) Beef Chili  Yields 10 - 12 gallons  Katy
View Carrot-Curry Ginger Soup  yields 10 gal  Sam
View Hearty Italian Chicken Soup  Yields 12 gal  Sam
View North West Salad  yields 18 salads  Sam
View Red Dragon Sauce  yields 2 cups  Sam
View pico de gallo  yields 2 gal  Sam
View Mango Salsa  yields 6 qts  Sam
View Black Beans Seasoned  yields 6 qts  Sam

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