Actions Name Comments User
View Elote Bowl Kit  Yield 16 bowls  Sam
View Dirty Rice  yield 8 lbs or 16 kits   Sam
View Seasoned Grape Tomatoes  Yield for 16 Zorba Salads  Sam
View Creamy Pesto Dressing  Yield for 2 Side Salad kits(16)  Sam
View Hash Veggies  Yield for 20 hashes  Sam
(private) Orecchitte w/ Sausage, Kale, and Cannellini Beans  Yield will need to be checked.  Brendan Arntz
View Avocado Sour Cream  yields 1 cup  Sam
View Sweet BBQ Sauce  Yields 1 gal  Sam
View Corn Salsa  yields 1 gal  Sam
View Coconut Apple Butternut Soup  yields 1 gal  Sam
View Miso Ginger Sesame Dressing  Yields 1 Gal ideal for full week of Shroomami Bowls  Sam
View Sweet tarragon viniagrette  yields 1 quart  Sam
(private) Beef Chili  Yields 10 - 12 gallons  Katy
View Carrot-Curry Ginger Soup  yields 10 gal  Sam
View Oven Roasted Yellow Onions  yields 10 sandwiches  Sam
View Breakfast Burrito Mix Vegetarian  Yields 12 Burritos  Sam
View Hearty Italian Chicken Soup  Yields 12 gal  Sam
View Moroccan Chicken (for HMR)  yields 12 HMRS  Sam
View Zorba The Bowl Kit  Yields 16   Sam
View Roasted Sesame Tofu  Yields 16 bowls  Sam

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