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(private) Mexican Chicken Soup  Makes about 12 gallons  Sam
(private) Beef and Barley Soup  Makes 12 Gallons  Sam
(private) Farro Kale with Cucumber  Makes about 2 quarts  Sam
(private) Roasted Vegetable Lasagna  Makes about 8 servings  Sam
(private) Guacamole  Makes about 4 qt.  Sam
(private) Red Tomato Salsa  Makes 4.25 quarts  Sam
(private) Split Green Pea Soup  Makes about 5 gallons - please confirm  Sam
(private) Beef Soulvaki Kebabs  2 skewers per serving. Use 6" skewer as container measures 7"  Sam
(private) Beef Stew  Please confirm how much this makes. I think we will be around 15 gallon at base.   Sam
(private) Kimchi Vegetables  Base recipe makes about 8 cups.  Sam
(private) Black Kale - Shiitake Slaw  Base makes about 2 gallons  Sam
(private) Edamame & Snap Pea  Makes 4 salads   Sam
(private) Bacon Jam  Yield = 1 Pint  Sam
(private) Tabouleh  Confirm, times 4 batch to make 1 kit.  Sam
View pico de gallo  yields 2 gal  Sam
View Breakfast Burrito Mix  makes approx. 30 burritos  Sam
(private) Hulk Blood Juice / Smoothie    Sam
View Holly's Hummus  1 Quart  Sam
View Mushroom & Barley Soup  10Gals  Sam
View Mango Salsa  yields 6 qts  Sam

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