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(private) Split Green Pea Soup  Makes about 8 gallons  Sam
(private) Sriracha Aioli or Mayo  Makes about 1.5 quarts for base  Katy
View Ssamjang  yield 1 cup  Sam
View Sweet Apple Viniagrette  Serving size is measured by kit  Sam
View Sweet BBQ Sauce  Yields 1 gal  Sam
(private) Sweet Rice Vinaigrette  Makes about 2 quarts  Katy
View Sweet tarragon viniagrette  yields 1 quart  Sam
(private) Tabouleh  Confirm, times 4 batch to make 1 kit.  Sam
(private) Taco Salad Beef  Based on 1 pound raw ground beef  Katy
(private) Tamarind Vinaigrette  For Tamarind-Carrot Slaw. Makes about 1 quart.  Katy
(private) Tamarind-Carrot Slaw  Recipe makes about 1 quart final product. We send as a kit.  Katy
(private) Tarragon Butter  Makes about a quart (1.5 pounds)  Katy
View Teriyaki Sauce   1.5 gal  Luis
(private) Thai Beef or Tofu Marinade  For about 10 pounds of beef  Katy
(private) Thai Salad Kit  Makes 1 kit (16 servings)  Katy
View Thai Salad Kit 2.O  Yields 16 Salads  Sam
(private) Thousand Island Dressing  Makes about 2 quarts  Sam
(private) Tomato Jam  Makes about 1 quart. If doing more than this, do multiple batches.  Katy
(private) Tomato Sauce  Confirm: Makes about 1-1.5 quarts  Katy
(private) Tuna Salad  Please record how much it made  Katy

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