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(private) Moroccan Chickpea Chili  Check final amount. I think close to 3 gal.   Sam
(private) Bulgogi Beef Marinade  Makes about 1 cup of marinade  Sam
(private) Green Apple Cole Slaw    Sam
(private) Kimchi Vegetables  Base recipe makes about 8 cups.  Sam
(private) Black Kale - Shiitake Slaw  Base makes about 2 gallons  Sam
(private) Sesame Vinaigrette  Make in large batch, holds for 1 week. Makes 1 cup.  Sam
(private) Edamame & Snap Pea  Makes 4 salads   Sam
(private) African Peanut Stew  Makes 3 Gallons  Sam
(private) Bacon Jam  Yield = 1.5 cups  Sam
(private) Tabouleh  Confirm, times 4 batch to make 1 kit.  Sam
View pico de gallo  yields 2 gal  Sam
(private) Balsamic Vinaigrette Marinade  For Portobellos  Sam
View Breakfast Burrito Mix Chorizo  Yields 24 each  Sam
View Breakfast Burrito Mix Vegetarian  Yields 12 Burritos  Sam
(private) Hulk Blood Juice / Smoothie    Sam
View Holly's Hummus  3 Quart  Sam
View Mushroom & Barley Soup  10Gals  Sam
View Mango Salsa  yields 6 qts  Sam
View Carrot-Curry Ginger Soup  yields 10 gal  Sam
View Hearty Italian Chicken Soup  Yields 12 gal  Sam

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