Shrimp Louie Salad bowl Kit

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Yields 16 Bowls  
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48 Ounce Chopped Romaine 
16 Ounce Arugula
80 Each Shrimp Poached
16 Each Hard Boiled Eggs
16 Ounce Thin Sliced Red Onion
24 Ounce small diced Roma Tomato
24 Ounce sliced half moons English Cucumber
32 Ounce Thousand Island
8 Ounce small dice Celery

Follow Recipe for Poaching Shrimp. Keep whole to place on top of Salad

Bottom Build:

3 oz romaine
1 oz arugula

Top Build,Starting at 6 o'clock and working clockwise:

Diced Roma Tomatoes 1.5oz
Sliced Cucumber 1.5oz
Hard Boiled Egg chopped 1 each(or 1 oz)
Red Onion Thin Sliced 1oz
Celery Diced .5oz
Place 2 oz of thousand Island in a souffe cup and place in center of bowl. 
Place 5 shrimp on top of salad in between each ingredient facing the same direction. 
Lid and Refridgerate

Poached Shrimp (required)
80 Each Shrimp 16/20
1 Gallon Water
4 Each Lemon
8 Ounce Yellow Onion
8 Ounce Celery
4 Ounce Carrots
4 Tablespoon Pickling Spice
4 Each Parsley, fresh
4 Each Thyme, fresh
6 Each Bay Leaf
12 Each Garlic

Place Water in Stock Pot.
Chop Carrots, Yellow Onion, Celery and place in water. Cut lemons in half, add to water. Place all herbs in cheesecloth and add to water along with remaining ingredients, except the Shrimp. 
Broil stock to a boil and add shrimp. Cook for 1-2 minutes. Turn heat off and allow shrimp to cook to an internal tempature of 145. 
Shock with an 50-50 ice bath to stop the cookingg process.  Remove from ice bath once below 41 degrees, cover and store in refridgerator for use.